Since I have returned, I have done a lot of thinking about what walking the Pennine Way, as a through walker, means to me. I have said to Connie and as Brian and I have mentioned on several occasions, it is difficult to talk about the walk without sounding boastful, particularly to those who have no concept of what the Way is all about.

The motto of the Pennine Way is a “Once in a Lifetime” journey and that pretty well sums it up. I am completing this tale three and a half years after finishing my walk and my feelings have not changed. It was certainly one of the most significant accomplishments of my life. I saw places most people will never see, challenged myself both physically and mentally, met wonderful people including the now famous Cheshire Boys and made a close friend, Brian Lawton, with whom I have shared several additional adventures. I used to think I might like to walk the Way again but on reflection, once is enough. I know there are adventures in my future but probably none as significant as walking the Pennine Way.

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